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Hi everyone! How are you doing? (Currently in lockdown yay).

Lately i had the chance to build a tailor-made e-commerce for a client, totally in JAMstack philosophy. This involves using a Static Site Generator (SSG), like Nuxt.js with Vue.js, paired with a headless CMS, in this case Prismic, and then hosted on Netlify (a CDN).
What about the shop/payment logic?
Well, for that there is one hell of tool, called Snipcart. It handles all the nasty things very well, lighten the burden of the work.

I want to share my method and my experience with you, so feel free to…

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Hi everyone, Stefano here, and this is my first article! Feel free to give me advices on writing in general or on stuff related to this post 🙌🏻
Original article here (

The Need

I am building a webapp with Vue.JS + Nuxt.JS for one of my clients: this app has the purpose to create proposals based on the products they manufacture, calculating prices and a bunch of other things.
Eventually, the finished proposal needs to be converted in a printable format.

The Problem

Each proposal has different base informations (title, creation date etc..) and different products in it. Also each product is different…

Stefano Franceschetto

Freelance Web Designer / Developer & Digital Consultant at MOBA Digital Studio collective

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