Business Calendar is a calendar application that is available for Android. The app focuses on its advanced rich features and customization.


The Good

So I decided to use Sequelize as ORM to connect with our MySQL database. Started by building out our models and relations between these models. I also did some work to to preload some dummy data to our database using sequelize-fixtures whenever we need to clean up our database. Also implemented couple API endpoints. I think remaining backend works are just adding more API endpoints which is nice 😃

So we also got some rough sketches of our app done which is nice. I did a bunch of frontend works from building new components to integrations with Facebook Social Plugin and Giphy for image search.

At end of the week, I think we finally finished building out our basic features but we need more work on polishing stuff and maybe adding some good to have features.

I was a week late to school (need to generate money) so I guess we got a week less time to do this but well, we came up with this app idea which we call BoJio! I decided to work as the backend guy for this although with my previous experience as a product engineer, I plan to help out with the frontend stuff as well once the backend is settled.

I started putting the first brick to the project, we decided to use Express.js for backend and React for frontend. …

TL;DR; I wanna learn to build up products from scratch.

Having experience working with couple companies has provided me with a lot of experience in the industry. And recently my amazing experience working in a smaller company as a product engineer has really enlighten me learn more about building my own product.

I think now is the perfect time for me to learn about execution and challenges of building my own product and of course also improving my technical skills even further. I think CS3216 is the perfect module to take to learn all those.

Stefano Chiesa

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