CS3216 Assignment 2: Business Calendar Critique


Business Calendar is a calendar application that is available for Android. The app focuses on its advanced rich features and customization.


The Good

  • Calendar supports multiple views (Day, Month, and Year) like other calendar applications, but also responsive and has a nice looking UI.
  • Vast choices of app themes and widgets is great for user customization.
  • Slider and pinch to zoom is a great usability feature.
Slider and pinch to zoom feature

The Bad

  • Only available in Android platform. They lost a big portion of the market of iOS users and also Desktop calendar users who tend to use its mobile application counterpart or vice versa (e.g. Google Calendar desktop users tend to also use Google Calendar mobile app).
  • Month view without text mode is really nice looking but doesn’t have a real user value. Not much information can be implied from the colored bars.
Month View in Business Calendar
  • Google Calendar still has a sleeker UI compared to Business Calendar. Auto-added picture based on event location, keyword, etc. by Google Calendar is a great feature but it might not be something that Business Calendar has the resources to do.
Auto-added image in calendar item (Dubai)

Things Learned

  • Calendar app is a tough business. There are tons competitors and they even have to go against Google Calendar. All being said, Business Calendar did a great job with it’s sleek interface and unique features. Business Calendar even has a slightly better rating than Google Calendar in Google Play.
  • Having one outstanding feature is important especially in a very competitive market. Business Calendar outstands on its customizability with its 22 app themes and 7 different widgets available.
  • User interface and experience are very important for productivity apps like calendar that users use on their daily life.
  • Most calendar mobile applications (except Google Calendar) has a free and pro version of the app, this is the right business model to do in order to monetize from the advanced calendar users. Business Calendar does this by offering more advanced features (e.g. import and export calendar data) in their pro version.
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