How to toggle the Pixel Fitting option via keyboard shortcut, without the need to navigate the preference panel with the cursor.

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  1. Download and Install BetterTouchTool
  2. Open it and set a keyboard shortcut to trigger the action “Run Apple Script (enter directly as text)”
  3. A modal will open, copy and paste this script
  4. Done! 😎

MacOS has a pretty straightforward way to deal with custom shortcuts. In System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts you can add your own sequence to activate pretty much each menu item and sub-item of every application.

The troubles start when we want to activate a shortcut for an option that is not in the menu bar. In our case “Fit layers and points to pixel bounds” is part of the “Preferences” panel, more specifically it’s a checkbox in the“Layers” tab. Despite we can easily use a shortcut (Cmd+,) to open the “Preferences”, in order to interact with anything that the panel contains we’re forced to use the mouse (or trackpad). …

Stefano Ferraro

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