Designing Better Folder Structure

Hello world! In this post I will share a little secret about how I organise my Design files! No doubt this issue is every designer’s problem. As a User Interface Designer, keeping all files together is very important! First of all, I always save all my Design files in Dropbox which you can choose either free or business version. Choosing Dropbox for me giving the accessibility whenever and wherever I want to. You can share it to everyone, your colleagues, clients, friends and family and most importantly it’s completely safe and no worries about backing up files since Dropbox is also able to recover some deleted file!

Why do we need a folder structure?

A great folder structure is very important, especially developing a filing system that suits your needs. Designers always enjoy the creative freedom; however, I recommend you to establish a consistent folder structure that makes it easier for your or other designers you collaborate with (not forget to mention the client).

A great folder structure is the best time-saving.
Every 30 seconds you spend searching for a file, you will block your creativity flow and naturally stress starts to fill your head.

Right, it’s time to reveal the little secret, here’s my folder structure:

Malachi Tips for better folder structure

1. Make sure you have a separate folder for Client and your working files.

It’s very important to keep original documents from client such as pdf, png or jpegs under “Client Resources” and separate it from any design files. This method will make you easier to find a file whenever clients refer to.

2. Save changes as separate files

Whenever you make changes or just a little update of your files, please make sure to save it under a new version. Use “Save as…” instead with different name (version or dates). Just never save them back over the original.

3. Name your files properly (please)

Obviously, I had a problem with the meaning of word “Final” perhaps you and every designer too! :D When we are in a rush, sometimes we just want to save the design file quickly in order to stick with the schedule, hence we simply will add “final” or perhaps “final final”. This sounds very funny, and I can’t agree more! :D but it is time now for a change! Simply follow the dos and don’ts below:

In conclusion, you can simply download my folder structure here. You can modify it, add some new hierarchy, just personalise it as yours :)

Thank you for your time and I hope this Malachi’s folder structure can help you designing a good filing system that suits your needs.

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