Gay shaming and homophobia

Being mocked as an adult by adults.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m okay with people having their own opinions and believes, but what I’m not okay with is what comes along with it, at least most of the times: the mocking.
People seem to be very passionate about their own points of view and they really want everyone to know that they don’t approve them.

That’s what happened today. During my one-hour-break from university, some of my friends and I decided to have lunch at a McDonald’s nearby. 
We were eating our meals, when five boys approached us. They started playing with us, pointing out the most random things just to seem cooler. 
All of us were shocked, ’cause something like that hadn’t happened to any of us in years. We usually expect people our age to be grown-up, but apparently some of them are still childish and immature.
They started off with me, asking me if I was GAY.
I answered with a proud “Well, yeah, a little bit”. They didn’t quite catch my sarcasm and they replied “We could tell, huh”. They went on saying “Well, we’re not very keen on boys, we like gurls, ya know”. 
Wow, what a great thing to be proud of. 
At that point I was debating whether to throw up on them or just leave it there. I opted for the polite option, unfortunately. I do regret it tho.
But then they started messing around with the other friends I was there with. They mocked a close friend of mine cause she was sitting with her legs spread open. 
“You like opening your legs, don’t you?”. That was absolutely rude and unnecessary. Again, we tried not to be rude, so she just replied with a heroic “I love it, indeed”.
Lastly, they strongly felt the need to let one of my other friends know that she’s hot. 
Strangely, we didn’t want them to stop. Their stupidity was kinda funny and entertaining. When they left, we were so mad we didn’t offend them as much as we wanted to. We went on talking about it, ’cause that type of mocking hadn’t been happening in YEARS. That’s literally something a gang of 13-year-old horny ass boys would say. They are our age. TWENTY YEARS OF AGE. Mind-blowing.

Personally, I’m not used to being mocked anymore. The people I’m with are very intelligent and mature, so they don’t care what my sexual orientation is, or at least they don’t talk shit about me. I’ve never fully appreciated it until I experienced this today. 
When things like this happen, I find myself not prepared at all, cause it doesn’t happen anymore.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this, maybe I just want to write it down to relax a little bit. That’s what I really need now. 
If you’re older than 14, your mocking is not allowed, it just points out how freaking stupid you are. 
I wish these people grew up and understood that someone else’s business is just THEIRS. No one cares if you disagree and PLUS, you don’t even fucking know us, so back off.
Goodbye and see you next time.
Oh, and grow up.