OPM Wealth Teaches Few Ways To Use Other People’s Money to Generate Income

In the iconic finance book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, author Robert Kiyosaki praises the strategy of using ‘other people’s money’ as the best way to make enormous financial returns in the short term (in combination with good debt). In contrast to your own money, using other people’s money (or ‘OPM’) can create an “incredible velocity” of income and return of investment. It’s a bedrock of the book: look beyond your current financial situation and see what other resources you can tap into.

This makes sense in concept, but can sometimes be challenging and confusing to apply to real life. How do you form these relationships or get to a place where you can even leverage others’ money? What about loans? Or, if you have a low credit score? What then? Many first time lenders feel discouraged from even beginning because of misconceptions that, for some reason, they can’t at this time use OPM.

Enter OPM Wealth, which is helping entrepreneurs and individuals who are ready to generate profit in new ways do so using other people’s money. OPM Wealth is a high-ticket product digital franchise system that enables users to leverage other’s money to generate cryptocurrency daily through the online funnel. It’s a crypto-only business due to the rising value of cryptocurrency in the past five years, and this money is made through OPM Wealth’s high ticket sales program.

OPM Wealth

How OPM Wealth Works

While credit score is a concern for many hopeful lenders, OPM is open to individuals from all credit score backgrounds as long as they’re qualified. No one will be turned away from the process. Rather, the credit score determines how much money your loan will be. First, you’ll have a call with one of the OPM Wealth representatives to learn more about the process. Then, whatever your current credit score is will be leveraged to receive funding anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000. Oh, and you can gain access to this capital within just a day.

That money then helps you build out a successful business in cryptocurrency, which is positioning many business owners and entrepreneurs in favorable ways as cryptocurrency is only expected to soar in value. This ‘first mover advantage’ is why the founders of OPM wealth chose cryptocurrency. There is a high chance for an incredible return on investment on the backend because of the high value of cryptocurrency.

If all of this still sounds nebulous, OPM wealth also considers themselves a training and education system. They help anyone who gets involved with the details behind leveraging money, loans, credit scores, and why cryptocurrency matters so much at the moment. They also offer resources to understand how to build out successful high ticket sales programs, down to the details of what is needed to succeed such as a landing page, how to qualify leads, and a team of sales representatives with a 50% close rate for high ticket sales. These educational resources are in addition to business coaches who help, too. This helps anyone who gets involved feel more clear on the process and confident in their abilities.

Commissions are made within twenty four hours for affiliates, deposited into an affiliate’s bitcoin wallet. Using OPM to generate wealth isn’t just for people with high financial intelligence anymore — it’s more accessible than ever.

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