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Dear Svetlana,

The European Union experiment started in 1958. Since then, the members of the EU have never participated in any major conflict between them. The core of Europe has enjoyed one of the longest periods of peace of the last centuries. This European Union experiment has in my personal opinion indeed helped in that. I can understand that our generation that has not suffered a war can underestimate it or just cannot combine it, but believe me, if European Union was about to dissolve, the next 60 years would not be as peaceful as the 60 previous. This is just one dimension of the European Union. And since i have been bored of hearing all the time this word “elites”, i should just comment that the elites would probably not fight in possible wars. It would be the poor people that would participate.

Apart from that, the main idea of the European Union is to unite our powers in order to be all stronger. You don’t need to get angry, only the nations that want to do it will decide to participate in that. Of course the United States could also be 50 smaller states, but i totally doubt that the citizens would be more free, more secure or more wealthy. Russia could also be dissolved to many smaller states. I also doubt if it would be better for the people.

As for the national identities, the aim is not to distinguish them. Of course they can, they should and they will continue to exist. The main idea is that if people will finally decide that they do want to continue the experiment of the European Union, then the EE should constantly take those actions that will improve the lives of the citizens. In the end, that’s why the European Union should exist. And yes, if the EE finally succeeds in improving the life of the citizens, then it’s not bad to also communicate it to the next generations.

But of course that’s something that will be decided democratically inside the states and the majority will define the future of each Nation and of Europe.

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