The extreme right under the Hollywood era
Bastien G.

Trying to answer to your last question, i think that this promo concentrates more on convincing the latter category you referred to rather than the already convinced Lepenists.

And i should also add that unfortunately this promo could easily persuade many indecisive people to vote for her. That’s how democracy works: a “nice” promo, a beautiful landscape and many people vote for her.

So the biggest responsibility lies to the people that do not vote because they liked the music of a promo or the sweet words of Le Pen. It is their responsibility not to vote something that they would soon regret just because they are now angry with the insecurity they feel or because they feel disappointed from the two big parties.

Whatever the solution may be, it will never be to vote for far-wing parties. So people should go to vote and not abstain from the elections, because as i said above, i think that this promo will prove “successful” in taking many votes from indecisive voters.

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