An example of Design Fiction

Design Fiction, lets designers, engineers and researchers — among others — to imagine and conceptualize future solutions for problems without constraints or limitations. It is used to start conversations about future possibilities and experiment with products or services that could potentially be a reality. From just a design, to actually building a working prototype, design fiction is a tool and method used to show us how our life could be like in the future, or how we could leverage technology not even existent in the present, to enhance and ease our life.

Here is a video example of design fiction from Telstra, an Australian telecommunications and entertainment company that imagines the future of telecommunications:

This design fiction video/advertisement, shows how we could all be connected with each other in the near future. It uses some familiar concepts of “tech” glasses, the Internet of Things and various gesture- and motion-sensitive devices that of course are all connected with each other. The devices and technology displayed here, can be used for virtually any kind of activity. From doing business to selecting a dress to wear, and from moving forklifts while building a ship to figuring what to eat without even opening the fridge. The possibilities are there and are unlimited. It’s up to us though, whether we will transform the world into a utopia or a dystopia with the use of these technologies.

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