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Sharing our practical experience in solving broadband distribution problem for mobile internet providers

Applying Anomaly Detection For Improving 4G Networks Utilization

There is a problem with the older generations of cellular networks — they are wasting resources by distributing the traffic evenly. Imagine a large area that a cellular network covers, including the city, small towns, and large forests. Obviously, the highest traffic loads will be in the city area, lower…

Discover how machine learning can transform your manufacturing business and add to your business value.

Those days are long gone when artificial intelligence and machine learning sounded like sci-fi movies to us. Today we are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution or simply Industry 4.0, whose key drivers are large volumes of data and rapid technological advances. This couldn’t be more appropriate for the manufacturing…

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Machine Learning Enthusiast. Experienced Java Developer with more than 5 years of experience. Passionate about technologies.

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