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by Frederik Lipfert from
by Frederik Lipfert from

Applying Anomaly Detection For Improving 4G Networks Utilization

There is a problem with the older generations of cellular networks — they are wasting resources by distributing the traffic evenly. Imagine a large area that a cellular network covers, including the city, small towns, and large forests. Obviously, the highest traffic loads will be in the city area, lower in the towns, and the little to none in forests, while all areas are receiving the same coverage. This issue is called ineffective traffic utilization.

Modern 4G networks have an even higher amount of traffic, so optimizing the utilization of frequency resources will be beneficial for cellular providers and will…

The Internet of Things is on the way to becoming the standard in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, and other industries. Businesses that use IoT devices extensively have access to an enormous amount of information. But data collection can be hard to benefit from without proper ways for processing and analysis.

One of the most popular ways to benefit from IoT is to leverage Machine Learning for detecting abnormal events or suspicious changes in the pool of collected data. This process is called Anomaly Detection, and it allows detecting events and patterns unreachable for human experts. Using Machine Learning instead of…

The business world has always been a competitive place, with only the smartest organizations taking the lead in a particular niche or industry. Often even the brightest business idea is not as important in getting to the top as timing and execution. Now everything is revolving around technology, and it is important to leverage the latest innovation to your benefit as fast as you can. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already taking over the planet, and numerous successful cases transformed the ways businesses operate and generate revenue.

So, if you are a business leader looking to increase…

Hi everyone from sunny Lviv,

I have an idea to make my own “Machine Learning Weekly Newsletter”, but for now, I am not much experienced to say that something is worth reading and it will make you some kind of professional.

Anyway, I decided to learn Machine Learning and the best way to master something is to practice it and to talk about it — the first part I will do at the office and the second you will see here in “Machine Learning Weekly”.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Motivation and fun

How Japanese farmer made an ML system…

Machine Learning is a substudy of Artificial Intelligence and a part of the Data Science field.

Some people may think that there is no limit of the Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence and it is beginning of the Skynet era and terminators are coming, but, eh, it is just not true.

In case you missed my previous article where I explain in simple words what is the difference between Data Science vs Machine Learning vs Artificial intelligence — well, here is the link, it’s about 5 minutes to read.

Machine Learning (ML) is considered a subset of AI…

Starting learning a new field is always not easy. The best way to learn is to start from the basics because it will make the ground for all your further knowledge.

First of all, let's understand what all those buzzwords actually mean.

The difficulty in understanding those terms is that they are overlapping and some people mistakenly think that they are also interchangeable, and they are not, of course. But first sings first, let's define what those terms mean one by one.

Data Science

The Pillars Of Data Science Expertise

Data Science is a field of study aimed to analyze existing datasets get meaning from it and provide…

At first, I thought it is impossible. So many abbreviations, so many new terms and services it seems to me so complicated. But after three weeks of studying and practicing it is now easy as a piece of the pie.

To pass the “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner” exam just follow a few easy steps. The algorithm is easier than you could think.

The first priority of each software engineer to keep the system running without any issues. And the second priority is to analyze what went wrong.

AWS CloudWatch is the service for storing logs where we could find all raw logs and try to read tons of similar lines of logs and try to analyze it. You could spend hours and days on it. CloudWatch is the time-series metrics service from which you can set alerts and scaling policies. The worst of it is that it is too simple.

AWS CloudWatch Insights is a query like service for analyzing logs from…

Do you think you can find things on the web? Are you good at this? I bet you could do it better.

As far as the amount of data on the Internet is growing the ability to detect useful information out of the ‘pollution’ becomes not only just a good-to-know but actually crucial skill to stay on board of this fast-moving ship.

Learn how to search for the answers to your questions.
By googling things effectively, you’ll save a lot of development time.

I have a friend who is a prof in googling. A few years ago I was amazed…

Hello everybody.

This is the story about the legacy system, easy decisions and complex solutions where documentation didn`t work.

We have a production environment with thousands of active users. Everything is running on AWS as Java 8 application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk using the Tomcat Platform.

This project we inherited from the Indian team that developed it for about 2 or 3 years. Those days, I believe, nobody thought about keeping the project up to date. The started technologies were chosen deprecated even for their time.

To move fast we as a team decided to upgrade to the latest at…

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Machine Learning Enthusiast. Experienced Java Developer with more than 5 years of experience. Passionate about technologies.

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