The Hubris of the Cannabis War

Although ‘love of nature’ is their M.O., the cannabis movement still represents modern man’s compromised relationship to nature. And the lengths we go to rationalize our vices.

I’m not a huge fan of social control and government hypocrisy, so why don’t I think the legalization of pot is some sort of huge victory? Isn’t it great that places like Portland, Oregon finally have easy access to what is apparently so vital to the health of its people? Well, there are currently 98 dispensaries of cannabis in this city that I live in. This is many times more than all of the ctiy’s natropaths, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine doctors combined. There are almost 100 facilities dedicated to supplying an endless variety of one thing, and only a handful of people dedicated to an actual holistic understanding of plant medicine (all of which would be very careful about prescribing marijuana because of its taxation of the nervous system). This fixation on promoting cannabis represents a real cultural imbalance in what we think is “healthy”.

I support the legalization and open use of marijuana and would like to petition its arbiters to expand their perspectives a bit. No one is going to be taken seriously as a natural medicine advocate if they argue for only ONE herb — the one which also happens to be their favorite narcotic. Nature is an overwhelming trove of miraculous remedies and mainstream society knows virtually nothing about its potential. So now I watch as we spend millions of dollars on research to generate comforting rationalizations, while stuff is sitting in my kitchen cupboard that has been used to shrink tumors for thousands of years. No one pays those any mind because they don’t make Metal Gear Solid more fun to play.

Cannabis advocates make wild utopian claims about the “whole new future” promised by paving our existence with marijuana. This is what happens when something like pot (and the altered states of consciousness it yields) is scandalized through social repression. People get so in love with the battle that they fetishize the object they are fighting for. Egos explode, narratives are enforced, and pot advocates aggrandize themselves as soldiers of light fighting against the evil rulers, their oppressive nature driven by the fear that marijuana would topple the entire pharmaceutical industry. When what would topple the pharmaceutical industry is knowledge of each human physiology as subjective, unique and responsive to particular things in particular ways. And knowledge of the full spectrum of natural rememdies that could be applied in the right proportions to bring that physiology into balance.

Our collective obsession with only the most scandalous issues will hold us back from true knowledge of what is healthy. This “whole new future” is not found in a single plant, but a reunion with nature as a whole, which will offer humanity rewards far beyond ideological victories over a government.

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