Let’s Use The New Language

Hey there. We should use the “concept” language I made [see video!] which allows computers to talk to humans.

Here is an example. The user asks:

“Do we have a program that adds two integers together?”

We assume the following 2 concept definitions (taken from a big database of concept definitions):

qvcqbisitobntgcp = “Do we have a program that does X?”
wkvwdhcalwmohitf = “Adding two integers”

So the user’s question simply translates into:

“qvcqbisitobntgcp wkvwdhcalwmohitf?”

…which really looks like an exotic new language, doesn’t it. :-)

The point is that the concept language is a lot easier to parse for a computer than English with its complicated and even ambiguously nested structures.

And not only parsing is easier: Semantics is a LOT easier too. We kind of get semantics for free. The point here is that every of those unspeakably-named but clearly defined concept words is already in a database where it is connected to many other concepts. For example, the concept of a task would be connected to a ready-to-run JavaX program.

So we could just put up some sort of FAQ entry like this:

Q: qvcqbisitobntgcp wkvwdhcalwmohitf?
A: Yes, #1007181.

…with #1007181 being the ID of the program solving the requested task.

We also add the original question and its concept representation to a translation database (E=”English”, C=”Concepts”):

E: “Do we have a program that adds two integers together?”
C: “qvcqbisitobntgcp wkvwdhcalwmohitf?”

…and as soon as we wire these databases together into a little program, we can answer the user’s question above automatically.

Edit: The program is here, but it uses the translation & FAQ databases which, by default, will be empty on your machine. I’ll look for a way to distribute the databases around!

Edit 2: Thanks to the friendly reader recommending this post :-)