Best practices and future trends in B2B selling from Slack, Salesforce, Google, SAP, Apttus, and Microsoft.

Sales Mastership hosted by Ruum @ SAP.iO San Francisco

Our app, Ruum takes over the project management for account executives with complex sales motions.

So naturally, we used our latest San Francisco trip as an opportunity to connect with some of the Valley’s brightest minds in sales. Here is what we learned…

Growth mindset

When the topic fell on hiring and…

Next to 2016’s most notable trends: Bots, NLP, AI, and conversational commerce. Here are some product lessons that didn’t get as much fanfare as they might deserve. And of course, we want to apply them on RUUM 🚀.

Seamless device hand-over: Spotify Connect, OS X Handoff, and Universal Clipboard

Connect — Spotify’s multi-device mechanism — launched in 2013. But it’s only…

After four days of non-stop web performance (first at @velocityconf then at @WebPerfDays) here is a list of my main takeaways in three parts.

Layout trashing is your bottleneck

As Google’s @aerotwist put it: Today it’s most likely layout trashing and image re-sizing which are preventing your web app from hitting a smooth 60 frames per second.

  1. Prevent layout trashing and document re-flows by separating and batching your reads from your writes to the DOM (checkout the FastDOM library…

Twitter’s front-end framework from the ground up

I noticed that flight.js was missing the typical no frills ‘Hello World’ example, so here goes my stab at one.

In this hello world we will use flight.js' standalone version to create a basic component, which attaches to the DOM and writes out an h1 heading on user click. …

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