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It’s O.K. to be a piggy bank. As long as you are a *crypto asset* piggy bank.

Entrepreneurs succeed when they help solve people’s problems. As the mainstream adopts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, people will solve their finance ‘problems’ with Bitcoin and blockchain technology instead of banks. Most financial products and services are ripe for disruption by new companies who understand magic internet money.

How is magic internet money better?

The history of technology has shown how disruptions play out. Innovators build a scrappy platform that grows from the margins, powered by a new perspective on an existing product suite. They get rapid feedback from their user base, taking advantage of their speed until they boost the…

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Streaming money has no limits.

The internet has freed information and communication from its carriers. In the old days, we had channels and “media” to hold and transmit data, and publishers had to squeeze the length and type of the message into the limited economics of the medium.

Some examples: You took pictures in sets of 36 and could see them a week later; TV and radio are uniform and passive; a telephone is for one-to-one and talking to people further away was more expensive; the newspaper manufactures consent for an imagined community; CDs had two or three good songs, but you pay for all…

Crypto assets running on decentralized ledgers are poised to eat the financial industry, at the least. We can expect crypto assets and blockchain technology to develop in a way similar to the internet: from an experiment that is by default strange and risky to a utility that is mostly safe and easy. The innovators who built the internet could only disrupt the telephone and publishing when they could serve the mainstream. The first step to mainstream adoption was the development of the internet browser. Other waves of adoption depended on webmail, fast-enough video, BitTorrent, social networks and smartphones.

The blockchain…

Mainstage. Block O2O Summit. Hong Kong. Good crowd for Beach Head 2020, a VR universe built on a crypto economy and featuring a legendary first person shooter game.

Looking out over the crowd I see a healthy mix of ties, collared shirts and t-shirts. Attendees were glued to their seats, with everyone seemingly determined to sit through each and every speaker — bathroom breaks be damned!. Some big names here, like Juwan Lee and Nick Spanos. I was feeling a mixture of apprehension and pride at presenting on the same stage with these crypto OG’s.

We’ve been preparing the Beach…

As a bored university student, one day, while procrastinating, I was browsing the ‘Buddhist books’-section in a local bookstore. The shelf had a few dozen volumes of hardcover serenity, and I gave most them a casual scan. These works appeared authentic and erudite, written by actual Buddhist scholars, monks, lama’s or masters. I was surprised to see that most of them had a foreword by the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama is a busy man. He is a political figure with big, hairy audacious goals, an example for millions, and an officially enlightened teacher. Where does he find the time…

Money is a technology for expressing value and therefore determines the latitude of authority and the limitations on ownership. In economic history, we see several types of money. We will look at how the technology of money influences the hierarchy in society, and from this, we can see what changes are coming.

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The status quo

Money as a collective memory

Hunter-gatherers and nomadic societies only need to use simple objects like shells and feathers as money, because their transactions are mostly about food and tools. A hunter who gets hurt has to get fed by the other tribe members until he recovers. Everyone…

Stefan King

Writes about cryptocurrencies and tokenization. Host of the Weekly Bitcoin Mixer in Chiang Mai.

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