Telekitty is Bold in New York.

stefan vandegehuchte
5 min readApr 19, 2016

So Telekitty went to NY for a week on a Start-Up mission. What did we do?Since writing our whole trip out would take too much time, a quick impression in images.

Monday impossible freaking early in the morning. I left a note at home that I was gone for the rest of the week.

We went to Brussels National Airport where everyone went quiet.

We had another three hours of waiting ahead of us, which Pieter put to good use.

Once checked in we opened a newspaper to run into ourselves. Hello there.

Seated next to happs development. #fml

Quick a movie. A lot of recent movies to chose from or the Big Lebowski, the dude it is.

Just before starting a third screening of the Big Lebowski we arrive in NY.

We head over to our POD Hotel, hello rooftop bar. Hello mini room and bunk bed.

Next over to Spin. A social ping pong club, where we are welcomed by Bieke of Belcham.

After an intro, we get hands-on and start networking.

Day One

Rainy morning day in NY. We had over to Microsoft Innovation center on Times Square for a tech breakfast.

We listen to pitches. Note to self. Americans do not pitch better than Belgians.

VRT journalist Steven Rombout asks if we can do a Radio interview. Check interview here.

Time to move.

Next Stop. Cat Adoption Service at Petco for a chat with the feline community.

Back on the subway, over to Insites Consulting to get some insights in the American market, enjoying the view.

End of bad weather. Quickly grab some cuban lunch in the park.

Buy present for the boys at the nintendo store.

Head over to ERA accelerator, where we get an intro and get the chance to pitch Telekitty. ‘Is that guy serious?’

Blind Dinner in Belgian Beer Caffee. Moules frites.

Check that authentic floor in the restrooms of the Belgian Beer Caffee.

End the day in Barcade. Beer and oldschool arcade, what’s not to like.

Day Two

Wake up way too early. Head down to the hotel lobby. Listen to the radio interview we did Day 1.

Grab a bagel with Sebastien Rousseau, journalist at De Tijd.

Head to to the Little Lions, a cat café. Where we make new friends and have a nice chat with it’s founder.

Now off to Brooklyn for a visit to the New York Media Center.

Quickly enjoy this view.

Back to Manhattan, where we get to pitch Telekitty at Techstars.

Quick pizza off to the rockefeller center to enjoy the view.

End of day 2.

Day 3.

Starting the day with the captain sessions at Belcham. A Q&A with Xavier Damman and Jeremy Le Van. Two inspiring Belgians who made it in the world of Tech.

Afterwards we head over to FIT for a day of workshops.

We record a small movie in a NY cab where we pitch Telekitty to the driver.

We head over to the Belgian Beer Café for a gathering of Belgians in NY where we run into our friend documentary maker Jan and we join him for drinks in Brooklyn.

End of day 3 and the mission.

Day 4.

Day 4 we start with a meeting with Jim, the man behind Felines of New York. Great meeting and a great guy.

After the meeting go out for a rest in Central Park.

We have another two days of NYC exploration and meetings with friends ahead of us.

Thanks Be Bold in New York.

Our personal goal was.

  1. To meet at least one contact that could become an inportant asset in our Telekitty adventure. We accomplished that.
  2. Hopefully run into somebody interested to help us build Telekitty in the future. We have a meeting scheduled. Fingers crossed.
  3. Get a lot of energy out of New York that gets us going for a while. Accomplished.