Why and What if — the power of the right questions

Why are so many people rushing through their life,
following goals of others,
obey to so many rules,
buy so many stuff ,
squander their time watching TV,
arguing about nonsense,
doing meaningless jobs and
mistreate their children?

Driven by their own fears and
the fears others implanted them,
enslaved by the marketing-society,
taking in by the yolo-mantra,
sedated and seduced by the (social-) media.
Devoted to dogma,
unaware their childhood imprints,
following the opinions of others,
traped in the anxiety to please their neighbors, teachers, colleagues, their so called friends and whatnot.

What if we took a short break from all of this?

Resisting the urge to fill out this pause like we normaly do by checking social media,
chitchating with others about others,
turning on the TV,
smoke a cigarette
or deaden our feelings with the so called well-earned closing time beer.

What if we just sit back doing absolutely nothing?

Just breathing for a while?

Be alone with ourselves,
no distraction allowed,
taking a step back,
watching ourselves,
letting the feelings come and go,
listening to our inner voice mindfully?

Reconnect with our body, our feelings and our soul?

And what if we start asking ourselves questions starting with WHY and WHAT IF more often, more serious and more persistent?

And then listen to ourselves carefully!

What is going to happen with ourselves?

Are you afraid?

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