American workers are Slacking their way to better wages

Vontown, IA. November 28, 2025.

Today is a big day for Josh Newberry. As the official representative of his company’s labor union, he’s about to go speak with the board of directors, with requests for better working conditions. Today is also a big day for the board of directors of Chem United, the company Josh works for. They are about to find out their workers have a union.

Chem United is not the only company in the country finding itself in this position. In recent years, workers throughout the United States have started organizing through chat apps like Slack, Discord…

5 products that will help society thrive in the next two decades


Earth, 2027. The Global Bank has finally published a document called The User Guide to Cryptocurrency for the Average Working Person. The document contains one page with the following bullet points:

  • You have to create something called a digital wallet. We don’t know how or where.
  • You have to buy unregulated digital coins with your regulated real money. The Global Bank doesn’t guarantee your funds in case of a coin-run.
  • You can only use coins on a select number of websites. We estimate that you can spend your coins on 100 legitimate websites (Appendix 1). …

Recently I came across an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal in which Bret Stephens claims that Europe is just about to go under because it has abandoned its beliefs in Judaism and Christianity, among other things. Now usually I would just disregard these fallacious claims and move on, but this specific article is full to the brim with claims that make my head hurt, so I decided to write down why I have big problems with this kind of thinking.

The first thing that really struck me was not the nonchalant disregard of economic and political issues as…

Stefan Dunjic

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