Thats the two of us, with everything that we needed for 8 days of mini adventure. Luo Dong, Taiwan.

Why every father should bring his toddler out for a mini adventure.

Sometime late last year, I found some spare time in my work schedule. My daughter was slightly more than 2 years old, and I noticed her awareness of her world has gotten more astute. I always have this desire of imparting my experience and knowledge to her, and the best way in my opinion isn’t telling her, but to show her the world myself.

Thats us on the flight. She always prefer the window seat.
  • I wanted to stay away from bigger cities as I wanted to spend isolated time with my daughter and not just go on a usual tourist route.
  • I vow to keep an open mind and also to allow my little one to dictate how the trip goes too.
Christmas Dinner Special. Hua Lien, Taiwan.
Little Chow figured out why buskers do the performances they do, and she became eager to give them money each time.

‘Wives and mothers, if you want your partner to understand how it feels to be one, convince your husband to take a trip with the child without you.’

  • Most fears were unfounded. When I first mentioned this trip to my friends and family, the first common questions (and assumptions) I got were, ‘How does the child get her afternoon nap?’, ‘The child needs her mother!’, ‘This is not normal routine for her. She can do it when she is much older!’. I suppose these are valid reasons, but we also find ourselves living in an increasingly protected world where everything from forks to table edges to flooring have been designed child safe at a premium and marketed to the fears of parents. I understand that parents including myself want the safe side of everything, but the problem is we need to take a little leap of faith for interesting life experiences. Take a little risk, but make sure there is adult supervision. And adult sensibility.
Little Chow attempts to climb down some stairs while balancing a precious lollipop in her hand at the same time.
Little Chow loves her watermelon. Just like her father.
  • It is an incredible experience for the father. Really. I didn’t experience the 9.5 months of having something in the stomach, and though I always acted as a cheerleader by the side, I think I felt left out of the overall experience. My daughter naturally sticks to the mum more, and father is always a second option, or a third. On a dedicated trip out there with my little one with minimal distractions, I finally had the opportunity of being a full parent. Yes, I have to change the diapers, feed the milk, put her to sleep, but this is all pretty easy. The great thing is I managed to be a parent and support for her.
Yes, there are times she can be a little naughty. Perfectly normal, and mostly tolerable. I always remind myself that this is a trip I will never forget.
She really loves the ocean. I showed her where we were on a map, and realised if you looked straight ahead far enough, you would see the West Coast of United States of America.

I am a father, photographer and mountaineer. I live in Beijing and I make a living doing things I love.

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