Want to create a dynamic and engaging dashboard on Google Sheets for your report? Don’t have the time to sit and learn from an online course that might cost a hundred bucks?

This crash course isn’t meant for experts in Google Sheets, Excel, or a spreadsheet software like Actiondesk. It’s helpful to know how a spreadsheet works and have familiarity with basic functions: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX and MIN.

I’ll walk you through an example of how to make a simple automated dashboard on Google Sheets for your metrics using the SPARKLINE and VLOOKUP functions, as well as Data Validation…

You may have heard the acronym API tossed around, even if you’re not in tech. APIs have been around for over two decades, but why only in recent years have people been buzzing about APIs? And what even is an API?

We use APIs every day whether or not we know it. For example, we use them when calling Ubers, searching on Netflix, exploring Instagram and querying Google to “Find food near me.”

Each of these companies, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, and Google has its own server where they store information (think a big computer with no monitor or mouse —…

Get ready for the 5 best Product Management books. I’m sure you’ll love at least one of these books or will find it helpful to overcome your product management challenges, no matter where you are in your career or what stage in your timeline you’re at. These books are written by product managers from a range of large and small companies with various perspectives. I’ve listed the most helpful Amazon reviews below the description in case you need a little extra convincing. Here’s to becoming even better product managers!

For a Deep Dive into your current project

Sprint: How To Solve Problems and Test New Ideas in Just…

Have you been in a situation where you need to easily import data from a spreadsheet to create or update records in Salesforce? Or have you ever found yourself repeatedly and laboriously updating your data record by record, wishing you could just mass update all your data as you would on excel? Data loaders for Salesforce are here to help make your life a little less tedious ; they enable you to easily import and export data to and from Salesforce.

You shouldn’t have to rely on a technical team to keep your data updated but it shouldn’t take you…

Find out which tools is best for you based on integrations, data operations, event customization, user experience and pricing.

We’ve also made an infography version of this in-depth benchmark that can check out here.


Over the past 20 years, the trend in software has shifted from big, monolithic, on-premise software to a multitude of specialized cloud applications. A typical company today will have one CRM, one help desk, one financial system, one internal messaging system, etc, etc. On average, companies each use 7 cloud applications (source).

This has been great overall. Companies have a great variety of software to choose…

6 weeks ago, we launched the public beta of our product Actiondesk on Product Hunt and got great traction there (here’s the story of our Product Hunt launch).

A public beta meant that anyone could come on our website, create an account and start using our software.

Last week, after getting tons of leads and observing our conversion had become much lower, we decided to stop this and move back to a closed beta. A non-user now has to be referred or selected by our team internally before being able to start using Actiondesk.

When we started thinking about this…

A bit more than 1 month ago, we launched our public beta on Product Hunt and we’ve been pretty happy with the results:

  • 900+ upvotes at the end of the launch day, now 1,600+
  • #1 product of the day, #2 product of the week
  • Most importantly, ~450 signups in 3 days, and an average of 13 signups per day over the rest of the month coming from Product Hunt or blog articles/listings that are consequences of the PH launch

Evolution of signups coming from Product Hunt:

Product Hunt’s founder Ryan Hoover recently wrote an article about The rise of “No Code” and how it turns anyone into a maker. Indeed, there are many tools today that enable you to build things you couldn’t have built even just a few years ago if you were not a programmer. To cite just a few: Webflow or Wix to build websites, Shopify to run an e-commerce shop, or Zapier to build automations between apps.

No code vs Learn to code

This “No code” trend needs to be put in perspective with the “Learn to code” trend. …

I’m Jonathan, the CEO & cofounder of ActionDesk. We let business teams easily automate their processes using only their spreadsheet skills, saving them tons of time. Here’s why.

There’s a problem

When it comes to automation, business teams have basically two choices:

  1. Working with their own developers, if they have them
  2. Using existing workflow automation tools

But the first solution has its own problems:

  • Technical teams in every company in the world already have too much to do
  • Internal processes automation usually isn’t a priority when customers need more features
  • Business teams become very dependent on the technical team, not about to go…

This is a summary of all my best productivity routines & tips, and how I currently organize myself.


‍I’m Jonathan, CEO & cofounder of actiondesk.io. We let business teams easily automate their processes using only their spreadsheet skills, saving them tons of time.

Back when I was working as an intern, I didn’t really have issues with time management. As an intern, your manager usually filters things a lot and tells you exactly what to do. It might be a lot but usually if you work hard you’ll get everything done. Later, things got more complicated. I joined Jumia, a…

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