Real change starts when you decide it, when you need it,
and when you least expect it.



Since I no longer have Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook (the last one at least not on my phone), and many other social media accounts… I decided to post this right here.

I kept Instagram because I do love photography and the opportunity to share my art with you guys, but I also appreciate whatever you wish to share, and your kind words and support.

I don’t usually post this kind of stuff, but this is pretty much how I feel nowadays and the reason why I decided to close (at least for a long time, and I’m starting to like it that way) so many energy-draining apps and media. I’ll tell you my little story, in case you’re at this point of my thoughts (and for that I’m grateful).

A couple weeks ago, I was checking my Twitter and while I read so many interesting and random stuff everyone posted… I got sick, stressed and worried. Why? Because everything, and I seriously mean everything, was negativity. Complaints. Anger… so much anger and criticism, arrogance, bad judgement… I got sick and tired. But not only with what I saw or read, but also with myself. I was posting similar stuff from time to time.

Everyday was exactly the same.

I woke up, I checked Twitter, I checked FB, I checked multiple mail accounts, I checked (add another social media account), I checked (yet another one), I checked, etc. It took me about an hour and some more minutes to complete all these apparently important tasks. Months ago I simply didn’t realize this, but then I started to feel overwhelmed. I woke up and automatically took my phone and stared at it all that time, and some more during the day. Ok, a lot more. I’m pretty sure I looked like a robot, so of course I got emotionally sick. Stupid me.

But then I just started to gradually cut down “following”, apps, games, and accounts that I found completely unnecessary. I was more careful with what I said, how I perceived what I saw and read, and every action I made.

And suddenly, I started deleting everything that made me feel uncomfortable or negative, or took away my time and more importantly the time I spent with my family and my few close friends.

So it just happened. I read some articles that helped me quite a lot to get rid of some apps, accounts (Including Mail and Safari — thank you so much Jake Knapp!), subscriptions, and so on. And let me tell you: it feels beyond awesome. Perhaps I should take a screenshot of my phone and upload it later, just to show you how it looks now.
Hint: almost empty. (Wow, is that my wallpaper?)

I’m just telling you this because it made me feel much better, happier, and yes: free. Perhaps I can make you feel that way! I no longer have to worry about what should I twit today (it was driving me nuts just to think of something “relevant”. I know. It’s sad.), or: “Oh no, was that twit supposed to be for me?” or “Gahhh, I have so many mails and stuff I haven’t read”, or getting traumas and headaches because there were so many red badges of unattended notifications and… yeah, you get the point. Do you hear now how stupid it sounds? I do, and I’m ashamed of myself. But I’m relieved.

Also: I’m NOT saying it’s a mistake to have all the accounts and apps you want, or that they’re crap (or that you look stupid. You don’t, that’s just me). Remember this is just my opinion and a decision I personally made because I knew it’d make me healthier and positive. And it really does!
No one pushed me or convinced me to do this. That’s also an important point. I did this for myself.
Oh, and I absolutely have no intentions to bring down a company, I just think we’re using their stuff the wrong way… though I’m not telling you either how you should.

I still have Facebook (web), Instagram, VSCO Cam, and Tumblr (web), and some others that I only use on my laptop, which is way much better for me. As a photographer, I’m in love with my editing apps. *He, he*

So now, with my phone I can only make calls, send messages and of course take/share photos (the Camera is great!). Besides, the Weather app and Google Maps are amazing, c’mon. I’m not getting rid of the whole thing (yet), it’s still amazing what this “simple” device can do.

About the quote.

Nobody, I mean… Nobody could’ve said it better. I feel the same way, and I agree 100% with it. So thank you, Meryl. You found the words I couldn’t say because I didn’t know how to, and the motivation and inspiration to make a change in my life in a time I needed it the most.

So this is it. Thank you so much for being here! I just really wanted to share all this with the world, but didn’t know how to. This isn’t something that happened in seconds, it took me weeks to realize and act.

“Happiness [is] only real when shared” – Christopher McCandless.

Oh! And sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, I may be a little rusty.


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