A Day at Stanford…

Going to Stanford with a camera is always an exciting experience. The bell tower alone can improve a plain photo dramatically by its appearance in the back. My shooting spree that I went on was a lot of fun learning a lot about perspective and taking candid photos of people without wearing a ghillie suit. I am passionate about unique and interesting perspectives in photos. I tried to develop some interesting perspectives while shooting at Stanford and was successful with a lot more of my photos than I had originally imagined. Lets get into it:

Let’s start with a few photos that I think highlight my attempts at shooting a unique perspective:

All taken with intention of spinning everyday encountered items into somewhat of a spectacle.

Next, I would like to introduce what I found to be spectacles in it of themselves that I captured with some influence on unique perspective, but mostly on angle and proper exposure.

A lot of architecture photographed, I would like to focus this next section on the columns I captured and their strong structures and elegant designs.

Okay, enough of those, lets jump into our final architecture review, the Bell Tower. Easy to see from all points on campus, this colossus creates a perfect point of reference for crafting photos and adding strength to your pictures.

These first two I can’t decide which one looks better.

These two either…

These last ones after the first capture how powerful the Bell Tower is in its impact on photographs even when barely showing.

Definitely one of the coolest parts of photographing on Stanford’s campus was having this behemoth in my midst.

Anyways, moving on we are going to look at my candid photography which sometimes isn’t so much. Starting off with the broader spectrum, we have random people doing random things somewhat redeemed from their general boring-ness in real life after having been captured in still.

Ending it off I have the honorable mentions, or the ETC. category that I will dump the rest of my favorite photos under the subject of.

super kid
judgemental statues
“scary look”
Dad’s and son’s looks

Thank you for looking through my photos, I hoped you enjoyed at least a couple of them.

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