Black woman with a laptop and black boy
Black woman with a laptop and black boy
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Two years ago, I decided to radically change my career from nonprofit STEM education to software engineering. I had no background in coding, outside of a single programming class in 7th grade and a little HTML when I was a teenager. I entered a coding bootcamp, Ada Developers Academy, in January 2018 and had full-time software engineering offers from two of Seattle’s tech giants in December of the same year.

Being a nontraditional Black female software engineer, preparing for the interview process began as a terrifying and mysterious endeavor. …

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During the earliest stages of my nontraditional software engineering education, I would often sit down to code and place my computer on a table covered with books of poetry. I loved coding but drew my power and sustenance as a Black woman from the words of poets like Jamila Woods, Jericho Brown, and Fatimah Asghar. The apparent contradiction between my interests always left me with a tiny itch, somehow, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the feeling was trying to tell me. I went on improving my coding skills while amassing poetry collections until one day, during…

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Encryption refers to the process of making a message unreadable to anybody who does not have the key to decipher it. Think of sending secret messages to your friends using codes that you made up as kids. Well, data encryption is simply a highly advanced form of this old trick. Email encryption is a type of data encryption where only the person who has the key can decode and read the email you send.

You can use encryption to protect your messages from being stolen by hackers, governments, and service providers. Many people make the argument that they need not…

Steffany Brown

Software Engineer // Social justice advocate // Afro-futurist // Dog-mom to Turing 🐶

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