Stuck in The Wrong Job? Never Again.

Danielle MacInnes via Unsplash
Work Choice Canvas — Overview (icons by Freepic from Flaticon)

1) Purpose — whose lives am I working to improve?

  • What is the good cause I will be working for?
  • What is the outcome for the people I serve / deliver to? What specific contributions will I make to my customers’ life?
  • Suppose I could amplify my contribution, how would society change? What is my social impact, the change I want to see, and support, with my work?

2) Development — can I both build and extend my strengths?

  • Will I be able to do what I do best?
  • Will I be able to extend these capabilities even more?
  • Who will I be in three years? What skills will I have built, and what next opportunities might arise from that?

3) Company — what person do I want to become in the next five years?

  • Whom will I be working with? What social matrix am I inviting into my life?
  • Will this fit and feed my core values?
  • What is the cultural level of the organization I will be working in?
Work Choice Canvas — Working Version (Icons as above.)

4) Incomes — what capital am I building?

  • What will be my incomes?
  • Which hidden assumptions am I making?
  • What could be my follow-on options?

5) Consequences — ready to deal with the decision’s downsides?

  • What will be consequences / potential downsides of my decision? (On me, on others). Am I willing to take them?
  • Any risks? How can I manage these?
What’s going on outside the profile picture. © Tobias Sutter
  • Overnight reflections, eg. write down an issue before going to sleep and see what new perspectives arise after waking up
  • Intuitive walks — do an early morning walk and see what catches your attention. See how this resonates
Art of Hosting Companion /
  • Holding the question — place open questions without seeking immediate answers. Then see how the questions evolve or what comes up over the period of a few days
  • Imagination exercises — imagine it’s Monday morning and you are driving to your new work. You park the car and enter the office. How does this feel? What comes up?




evolutionary catalyst at dwarfs & Giants | keynote speaker | next:land, agility, distributed authority

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Steffen Frischat

Steffen Frischat

evolutionary catalyst at dwarfs & Giants | keynote speaker | next:land, agility, distributed authority

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