Lebanese bakery joins Pink October to fight breast cancer

Shireen says that the shop’s contribution to the campaign has been well recieved by costumers. Photo: Steffen Neupert

October is declared an international month of breast cancer awareness, and also in Lebanon the campaign named Pink October has taken hold. Together with several NGO’s and other businesses the Beirut Bakery Better from Scratch has joined the cause to fight the deadly disease.

The small shop in Down Town Beirut is currently changing into its Halloween-attire, but Pink October cupcakes with marzipan bras are still available — specifically made to raise awareness on breast cancer.

Shireen holds op a shoe made from pink chocolate. It is one of the sweets specifically made to draw attention to Pink October. Photo: Steffen Neupert

The shop has been partaking in Pink October for several years, but not because of a specific urge to fight breast cancer. According to employee Shireen Mneimneh, Better from Scratch wants to help out as much as possible.

“We wanted to raise as much money as we could for the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. We have been doing it for two years now, but we also want to help other causes,” she says.

Listen to Shireen Mneimneh explain how the bakery contributed to the cancer awareness campaign.
A cupcake with a pink marzipan bra is displayed from the counter. It is one of the most popular Pink October cakes at the bakery. Photo: Steffen Neupert

And changing the products sold in the bakery is not all. Better From Scratch also hosted several bakery sales at Lebanese universities and even arranged a kickboxing class for women to collect donations for breast cancer research.

But it is not all just glazing and good intentions. Even though Better from Scratch joined Pink October for the cause, the campaign has been well received by costumers, and according to Mneimneh that has also increased the shop’s revenue.

“It’s not all about raising money. We let our customers benefit from it as much as they can, so they have fun while helping out the foundation,” she says.

According to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer constitues 35% of all lebanese women’s cancers. Worldwide that number is only 22%. Photo: Steffen Neupert

In Lebanon, Pink October is coordinated by the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. Establsihed in 2011 by Dr. Nagi S. El Saghir at the American University of Beirut’s medical center, the organization works to decrease the number of women who are killed by the disease.

The shop in Down Town Beirut specialises in cakes and cupcakes in all sizes, shapes and colours, but they also sell chocolate and candy. Photo: Steffen Neupert