Later, we will all laugh at the same joke at the end of this very very long day.
The One Thing I Wish I Knew In My 20’s
James Altucher

Halfway through this post, I shared it to one of my colleague. Whatever you had spoken here! Man…I felt this is a charismatic piece I had ever read in my life. You are right, things don’t stay, they move on, we move on, we think different as we grow older, respecting others become our primary character and many like this gets dissolved in our blood. And reading a lot and lots of stuff arouse our inner divine and shuts the evil side completely. I am 24 now. I respect feelings. I don’t mind cases where in humour comes out to hurt people. I like slapstick and not slapping others definitely. I am gauging how people evolve day by day. I am writing all that my life rides me through in a notebook. I’ll wait for years and see how I was and how I am that moment when I am reading it… Life is wonderful and smoking too…