You Are The Marketer That World Needs Right Now!

If only you have…

8 Imaginary Hands and 3x The Activity Of Brain Cells Than A Normal Human

None of us have clear vision over how we evolved from our ancestors. Including evolutionary biologists.

Who are our ancestors anyway?

This being a colossal puzzle to solve, I switched my thoughts to solving enigma of modern marketers — who were snail-like and paralysed in the past but in no time they are this herculean who can…

  1. Think 10x faster and vomit ‘solutions’ even before their brain reacts.
  2. Get the fab shit done, using DATA.

But right now, the digital world is looking for someone who starts from getting shit done with the data (first), then barf out ‘solutions’ for issues, with a very good velocity.

It basically goes from 2-1.

Annunciation: Will drive the blog with full on good manners further down :P

Get Shit Done With Data

The only way to boost your online business is by keeping your website conversion friendly. When you are already online, make sure you know how users are using your website. Whether or not they find your service helpful because that’s how you make the most out of your users’ need (greed or fear in most of the case).

But the question is, how do you go by tracking all the visitor behaviour?

The magical tool is – a web analytics suite, that precisely shows your visitors’ behaviour and their footprints.

What is web analytics?

Shows you details of where on your website the visitors travelled (funnel analysis), what are the elements they clicked on (heat maps) and how many times each (click maps).

Once you aggregate the heat maps and click maps report, the next step is to discern remedies out of the combined colourful and percentile data.

Use All The Gathered Data and Yield Solid Solutions

With the data in hand, further go about making necessary changes to your webpage that you think can make revolutionary difference in your website conversion or even the small raise in the conversion rate counts.

Thinking of how to test both the original and newly done variation?

A/B testing it is.

The wisdom behind having new variation targeted to your audience, adjacent to the original version is – to not loose the existing traffic of your website.

People hate changes and if it’s on website, they loathe it to death.

So, run the experiment (include heat maps and click maps for more insight) by targeting it to your appropriate audience and see if it really made any difference.

YES – Burry the old design, moan and move on with the new one.
NO – Let the eternal thing (webpage) live and breed (convert visitors) like a rabbit.


So finally, the mystery of ‘building a better website’ is solved.

Along the way, check out Zarget.

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