This Post Is Not Utterly For Our CM’s Demise. It Is For Writers.

Today, we are mourning for a women, so strong, so intrepid, so vivid, so bibliophilic and naturally an introvert. Her eternal rest is all over on twitter, on TV, daily papers, magazines, everywhere. It has to be peace throughout the city and towns. But as far as I know and learnt by living for 15+ years in this city, we see silence as opposed to respect and chaos as the only way to show interest towards anything important. You can watch people rioting on roads. Go watch it on any channel, it’s live right now (only till 16.30pm IST today).

I saw the newscast, been watching it since yesterday. Scenes were grief-stricken. Well, I never saw her in real life, not even from afar, never shook her by the hand yet there is something soul-stirring. It’s acceptable anyway. In the general run of things especially when someone bites the dust, this happens.

Because we all have economo neurons and that’s what makes animals behave like animals (humans).

Well, this post is not utterly about our CM’s demise. It is for writers.

I shut the telly down and came to fetch my portable laptop computer.

I am on it and here is a thing about me — I stick to interleaving style of reading. Which means, if I am reading between the lines of Freud’s The Interpretation Of Dreams, you can’t track me down with the same book jacket 60 minutes later. So, after staying on Whatsapp, Twitter and Digg for a fleeting moment, I got myself going with some of the mind broadening quotes by some of the donnish writers on web.

Here are the best of breed I found…

Let me add a touch of Brandon. A. Trean to conclude this list:
“A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts.”

Send me a heart if I had your favourite writers in this list, also if you enjoyed reading this post. If neither of these came your way, comment your own favourites underneath. Till then. Stay craving for words.