How much money have you spent on books in the past year? Could you spend 10% more?
How much money do you invest in Ideas?
Jon Westenberg

Since the day I started spending money on books, I noticed that the way I talk to people beside while travelling, the way I approach my family members, the type of presumption I insist upon every single matter in this world, has varied. It imposed a complete transformation within me and I love being this way. Another undeniable fact is, books and reading becomes your addiction when you start gaining benefit out of it. And in this case, being a polite yet intellectual talker in a crowd will make you feel the pleasure of learning stuff. You will know you are smart even when you don’t hear it from people. You gain confidence, strength to survive alone and the ability to tackle all that difficulties come your way by yourself. I feel books are like the pill that lets me visually swallow knowledge that fights against my feebleminded syndrome.

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