3 unsubscribes…AGHHHHHH!! Where are you going? Come baaaaaaaack! Why are you leaving me?
Getting Past The Unsubscribes & The Dislikes
Robert Kennedy III

So our team had decided and asked me to work on the newsletter for this month. I’m yet to give a structure to it as I was busy writing bits and pieces of something else. Well, exactly today, I opened a document and began typing all the informations I inferred from every article we wrote this month. We launched the most requested ‘personalization’ feature for our existing and upcoming clients and similar interesting updates. Well, why I even started on this was, last time we made changes to our newsletter design, like, some changes to the look and feel of our monthly newsletter which eventually gained 3% increase in the open rate. But, hapless, we lost 90/9000 subscribers. Which isn’t that infectious, I agree, but a bit mind boggling definitely. Let’s see how it’s received this time!

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