Why is having a small social circle so horrible? It is horrible because there many opportunities people miss out on simply by not knowing the right people. Most of the time, people fail to know the “right” people because they don’t know “enough” people
Psychology behind social circles in college
Psychology Behind

True. But we don’t really find the best of the best in any of the things we need. May it be a place that serves an impeccable european cuisine or a place that is named for wonderful street view. This keeps changing in accordance to what each person likes or dislikes. So, finding a bunch of companions exactly with our identical characteristics is too tough! Also coping up with the irrelevant ones leaves me in turmoil most of the times. I fail to find out what is working and what is not, that’s how I end up wasting my life on a daily basis. So, I choose to have less friends with minimal arguments on topics and for more focus towards prospective future.

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