Study Time!

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It’s no secret that almost every person on earth hates studying. So it’s always a relief when you find a tool that makes studying easier. Today I want to talk about my favourite study tool, Quizlet. Quizlet is a free website designed to help you study. I just want everyone to know that I seriously love Quizlet. I’ve been using the site for years and it is my favourite way to study. Hopefully, this post will help some people out, especially those who also have to take the EID100 final exam soon (you guys will find a link to an exam review I made at the end of the post).

Quizlet makes studying easy by giving the user a number of features to help them study. Firstly, the user creates a study set, where they input terms and definitions of their study material. This study set serves as the basis for the content in other tools.

Screenshot from Quizlet

After they have finished writing their study set, the user is able to study from 6 different study tools: Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, Match, and Gravity.

Each different tool offers the user a unique way to learn the content. This is a really great system as everyone tends to learn in different ways. Personally, I start by studying from the Flashcards and then I use the Gravity tool to really cement the content.

In order to help prepare myself and my fellow peers for our upcoming EID100 midterm, I have created an exam review on Quizlet. It consists of 8 terms that you will need to know for the exam. You can find the quiz here. Happy studying everyone!