Seriously … is this meeting really necessary?

I spend half of my time attending inefficient meetings … seriously!

I already know that the meeting will be inefficient when I see that half of the company is invited, that no agenda nor pre-reads have been sent out ahead of the meeting….. when on that day, the meeting starts with a good 10 min delay, when everyone gets in at different time and when the meeting ends with no minutes …

What is this exactly? Is this a cultural thing? Is this a people thing? Or is it just that people have no clue on how to solve their own problems …. Then they go for easy … and call for a meeting. You never know! Someone at the table might have the solution and might actually do the job for you!

When calling for a meeting please do your preparations before:

  • Work out an agenda with clear objectives and send at least with 24 hours notice
  • Invite only the required key stakeholders to either Inform, Agree or Decide
  • Start on time and finish on time
  • Present a draft proposal pleaaaasssee!!!!! With options to ease the discussions
  • Recap on the key points of the meeting and debrief on next steps
  • Sometimes, ask for feedback on how the meeting went to make sure you improve
  • Send minutes and actions associated with responsible people
  • Repeat

Please, do run efficient meetings otherwise next time … I will just decline ☺