Breach of Trust

I walked along the Earth’s path, in her dire aftermath,

Looking for friends to hold and hear.

Of the suffering I see, I’ll give to the trees

At this spiritual time of the year.

Don’t you remember the cold in November

When the bluebird would no longer sing?

Though the wind was so chill it dared not stand still

Nor provide us with warm thermal springs.

The fog can be thick with her conjuring tricks

That play with the things we see.

Be aware of the swirls that look like a pearl

They can land you on your knees.

I wish you could hear the brave Eagle’s new fear

As she soars above me so high.

Her plight is unreal, we can no longer conceal

The destruction of her beautiful blue sky.

But what should we do if we dare tell the truth

about how we got right where we are?

We treat her world with disdain and dare to complain

About the cost of the fuel for our cars.

So take just a minute to truly admit it

The harm we have caused is unjust.

It’s the only real way to step up and say

That we acknowledge our breach of trust.


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