What words could I speak about you

That cold December day?

A tiny radiant face

Divine nativity.

Love, a word that can barely hold back

The volcanic explosion within my heart.

As I look into my own soul

Writing history on an unpainted canvas.

The gift of life, to and from the Universe

I pour love into your soul.

Reaching into depths of centuries of wisdom

I ask for understanding.

This journey we now walk on together

Into an infinite of unknown.

A lifetime of playfulness ahead

A moment of joy given to us now.

The ground disappeared from under my feet,

It lost its footing when you looked back at me.

Now like a morning glory at first sun

My face beams at your existence.

What words could I speak to you

That cold December day?

Save for those that rest inside my soul,

Those that define this moment.

I love you, David.


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