Take Care

How can I impart to you

The blessings of this life

Please live with love so you break through

With little pain or strife

Stop often so you don’t miss out

On smelling that sweet rose

And realize beyond a doubt

The beauty she’s exposed

Take care that you do not leave marks

With thoughtless deeds or words

Speak kindly so your spirit arcs

Much like a sweet songbird

We only get one chance to live

Upon this fragile Earth

Take time to love and laugh and give

Remember your true worth

Treat her gently without harm

She always gives her best

Make sure to act without alarm

You are her treasured guest

The universe is open wide

For all of us to share

Live your life, exemplify

That truly you do care

This is not a dress rehearsal

Life is on stage now

Look at her she’s universal

As she takes a graceful bow


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