We Need A Revolution

THE election now just days away,

making me wonder

how all this happened,

the television blaring words

from grown-ups that used to be

too vile to speak,

but that is what they do now,

talk, talk, talk

until you want to ram

your fist right through

the box,

but instead we sit

eyes glued like little kids seeing

something they ought not see,

but wanting, needing more

to fill the heart of some beast

living inside,

sucking the humanity out

like a vacuum for the soul

that does anything but clean,

and any one of us could walk

outside our door and see,

their words are not

feeding anyone and

crazy Mary didn’t get her

meds today either,

but she’ll get her medicine

when she kills somebody

you can sure count on that,

because that medicine

is dispensed from private prisons

that will correct you,

and still they talk, talk, talk,

without saying anything

that makes us

believe this shit isn’t rigged,

so we threaten to move out

of America,

but we won’t

as long as whoever gets in

keeps the status quo,

we need a revolution that

doesn’t include vile words

and pussy grabbing,

but of taking care of

neighbors and not calling

them names,

because when the shit hits

the fan

trust me, you will want

to know your neighbor

and you’ll want him to call

you friend.

~S.D. Fletcher