“Ay white girl wit da dreads”

Haha, so that’d be me 🙋🏼 except little do they know I’m Mexican too. Don’t let the tan skin, blonde hair fool you.

A few months ago, I decided to get “Faux Locs”

funny story how that actually came about, so I was hanging with my boyfriend at the time and his close friends, one friend happened to have faux locs, I complemented her because I thought they looked really good. Then she said “you should definitely give it a try” as I giggled I thought it was a funny idea yet very tempting the guys were hanging around overheard the conversation and my boyfriend decided to be a little smarty pants and say “she ain’t gonna do it” she’s fakin! 👀

I love when I get doubted, so I said you know what, by next week it will be done!

& sure enough I got them done! SEE!

Now, my experience with them was definitely a challenge haha, I had to go buy hair ties, oil for my scalp cause it wasn’t a joke. The tightness, the itching 😩 oh my. First week and 1/2 was killin’ me! After that it was cake. I loved it so much that I got them again few months later this time blonde :)

I’d say the blonde was my favorite though. The girl who did my hair said they should last about 2–3 months but I only lasted about 1 month and a few days. My hair just wasn’t having it, some locs started falling out. I think it’s because my hair is already short so it wasn’t much hair for it to grip onto. I loved the look, got many compliments and even a few photoshoots because people loved it that much. I would definitely get them done again but I’ll wait till all my hair is long enough. Only thing I can say was really frustrating; was the dabbin’ on the scalp and then the few ignorant racist comments I got cause I mean how often do you see a “white girl” with dreads. Haha 😄