“Cutting Loose”

Something we all have a hard time doing, even when it needs to be done.

I realized though, I was losing a lot of friends, or what I thought they were at least. I took it pretty hard at first because I was so use to having friends around, down to go out, and just be wild, but that’s the thing. That’s what the problem was. The people I hung around with were into a completely different lifestyle, drugs, drama, etc. I wasn’t down with it. Even when I did hang around them I felt so out of place like I wasn’t supposed to be there & would rather much be at home watching sons of anarchy and smoking hookah.

They started complaining saying that I changed, I never want to keep in contact anymore, blah blah, but little do they know it’s because I’m progressing in my life in every aspect and I love it. I don’t want to be stuck in the same mindset like they were. I wouldn’t grow, they stopped calling, I stopped caring. Deleted numbers. At that point it didn’t phase me anymore, I do admit I miss having somewhat of a social life but with GOOD, genuine people who can have decent conversations and not talk about what kind of weed they just smoked.

I’ve only had one best friend in my life, and she ended our friendship of almost 10 years over a guy that I introduced her too. Petty I know, I was pretty upset. She was literally my other half, and I wished she chose her actions differently. Besides her, I haven’t lost a friend that I wanted back. It wasn’t a loss, it was a step forward. How do I expect myself to achieve and aim toward success if I surround myself with peasants? Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m far from boujie I’m very chill and down to earth but I wanna be around greatness and dopeness!

Sometimes in order to move forward for the better, you have to cut loose of what is weighing you down. They say you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with so choose your circle wisely.