“Spiritually Growing.”

We all know religion can be a pretty touchy topic, just like politics and sports. It can cause debates and disagreements that can lead to arguments, but I’m ready to share what I have to say & feel free to let me know what you think brace yourself. .

When I was younger, and lived in Mexico, I got baptized “catholic” to be specific. Fast forward to getting older, parents got divorced seem like things just took a wrong turn. Both my parents were no where near religious, they were both catholic yet never seen them attend church on a Sunday, if they didn’t go to church do you think they made me go? of course not, I don’t even think they even tried to teach me about God or in this case “Virgin de guadalupe”.

My dad’s side of the family was & still is extremely religious, I attended church a few times with my cousins since my parents didn’t take me. My aunt and uncle really enforced my cousins to go like they had a choice anyway right? I would get a little upset sometimes because I wanted my parents to take me, I don’t know if it’s because they didn’t care for it really or they were just being lazy either way I didn’t ask questions which on my part is my mistake.

As I got older, I just avoided the subject when it was brought up, or when people asked. In high school I started referring to me being “Agnostic” and some would give me crazy looks as if I worshiped the devil. That’s clearly — atheist smart one. I tried to explain that I was just spiritually confused. .I didn’t know what to believe in and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to know I just wasn’t sure since I grew up knowing nothing. I believed in something just not sure what it was, that eventually became my view on everything. People seeing ghosts, aliens, I wasn’t buying it. I had to witness it myself or else it wasn’t true.

This went on till honestly, I met jarrett and i’ve known him now for about 2 years. You’re probably thinking “who’s jarrett?” haha, well let’s just save that for another day. I became really close with him, he knew about how I felt on religion he suggested that we start attending church together regularly. I was all about it! Although, I have to admit I was very nervous because I knew it was a “Christian” church he said “don’t worry about it you’ll be fine”. Sunday came I felt like the new girl in school since I didn’t know anybody else.

As I looked around while the praise and worship team were up worshiping God, I noticed everyone was so happy and some were crying but happy tears I definitely shed a tear too it was like I had bottled up emotions and it just hit me. I grabbed onto jarrett’s arm to show him gratitude for bringing me to church. As we were leaving I felt at peace with myself a feeling that I haven’t felt frequently I was so happy, even though things in life weren’t going great I didn’t let that stop the feeling of greatness and knowing that it shall pass.

Jarrett’s mom is woman of God, she also helped me along the way to understand Christianity and learn about God. She always had a positive outlook on things no matter what was going on in life, and the most simple important task was to “Pray”. Pray about it, for other’s, for yourself and to seek God for guidance. To only be as great of a woman one day as she is ❤.

His friends, too many to name but they know who they are, some married, have children their own lives but they are so involved with God and for that I love being around them. I feel like those are the kind of people I need to surround myself with, who love and serve God. They are all doing amazing things and I’m so happy for them all.

The pastors at Zion are all phenomenal, they all know what to say at the right time, what I love about my church is that they are so welcoming and loving. No matter who you are, what you look like, or what you’ve done. No judgement zone whatsoever. I totally recommend you giving zion church in landover, maryland a chance, you’re gonna love it!

My perspective on life has changed a lot, I feel, look, different. I’m so excited for the future and look forward growing closer to God, most might think “oh Stephanie has changed”. Little do they know it’s for the better. Know when to Let go & let God. I’ve learned a lot, yet still have a lot to learn. .it’s been one heck of a ride but it’s a journey i’m willing to take. .

with love, stephanie ❤