Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

I think capitalism will have to take a backseat and another system (I propose collaboration) come to the forefront. Now I’ll go out on a limb here and say this is essentially a money-less economy. (It was written somewhere that the only people who will survive when technology takes over are the people who make them. So, if machines will do all the work, then is there really a need for money and monetary payments? But that’s for a different discussion.) To prevent the majority of the population from having absolutely nothing to do, with absolutely no source of income to provide for their basic needs, we should include these replaced workers in the conversation of innovation. Surely the notion of money circulating within a micro-fraction of the entire population cannot hold very long. Nobody wants to work to pay for those who can’t, and soon, nobody will be able to work anyway. So simply let everyone participate in the conversation. In context, nobody understands the taxi industry better than the taxi drivers themselves. So Uber drivers can collaborate with Uber in making driverless cars (by helping the tech gurus better understand driving behaviours and road habits). In exchange, the taxi drivers receive benefits that Uber employees receive. But that’s just a thought.