Getting married as a designer is not easy.

I’m not talking about the actual marriage, that was an amazing experience. From the moment I proposed and got a yes I started thinking about the invitation. There was ofcourse a certain ‘proudness’ involved. As a designer I wanted to make something really cool. But there I also put a lot of pressure on myself, and maybe, probably I was my own worst client. Check out my journey in the story below.

The final illustration; Me and my wife on our vespa.

After some more typographical experiments I decided I wanted to create an illustration that really captured our individual ‘personallities’ but also ‘us’ as a couple. So I started sketching scenario’s, elements that define us. I finally had this ‘vision’ of us cruising on a vespa (one of my favorite things to do) in Italy. By imagining this situation I could immediately start adding fun personality details about us. For example i’m sloppy and I lose a lot of stuff, so I drew my wallet almost flying out of my pocket. My wife is really into fashion and so I added her favorite shoes and purse. Also the way she holds me would be typical in that situation, because she is a bit scared sometimes, but also very loving and caring, so she’s holding on to me and protecting me at the same time. A lot of people saw the image and said: this is really you guys! So I think I got that right :-).

Drawing some of the individual elements was really fun, it adds a lot of small stories to the illustration, the purse with a bug on it, her Superga’s shoes, our bottle of wine, the keys we always lose, …

After a long and interesting journey illustrating I started working on the typography. We wanted something simple yet classy. I used Butler as the main font, I like the contrast it has. I also needed a font that would work well with the print finishing, so I wanted nice bold shapes.

Here’s the illustration animated, just because I had to :-).

This is where it get’s interesting. I wanted some cool printing techniques applied to the card. I wanted heavy paper and copper foil. I talked a lot with the printshop because I was scared that the linework was to detailed and it would lose a lot of detail. In the end we worked together to create a good line weight that would work. The paper we chose was ‘George’ by Macho. A really nice thick (800gr) un-ironed paper. The copper foil added nice texture, warmth and dynamic to the card.

That’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed the post. I plan on doing some more of these ‘cases’ where I explain how I got to create a certain logo or illustration. If you are interested, please let me know in the comments!

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.