Is Neoliberal Capitalism God’s Gift to Humanity?
Joe Brewer

I believe that the way our monetary system is designed is the major driver behind the destructive greedy behaviour we see in today’s society. has some very good explanatory videos on how money works. Basically, there is not enough to go around because there is always more debt than money because money is created from debt and there is interest on the debt. This creates a hoarding incentive and hoarding is bad for economic systems, which rely on money that circulates.

Some very good books to read on the topic are:

  • Debt, the first 5000 years
  • Rethinking money

Scarcity: why having so little means so much

I also wrote a series of articles on the topic which you can find under the title ‘The nature of money’.

We don’t even think about what money is these days and that needs to change. Money is not neutral. The way it is designed has a lot of destructive consequences