Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me
America Ferrera

I understand your stance. And I understand the lure of ‘real and steady progress’. I am both an idealist and a pragmatist at the same time.

Sometimes however, steady is too slow and some radical changes have to be made. Look at the women’s movement in England who fought for female voter’s rights. I don’t think that would fall under ‘real and steady progress’. I rather think it could be labeled as a radical shift.

Real and steady progress works very well when we start from a fundamentally more or less ok system. Looking at the US from a European point of view I see a very broken system. With the voting mess happening with the preliminaries I can’t even call it a democracy anymore. It is utterly broken.

When a building is about to collapse, slow and steady progress comes too late. And for us Europeans, the US building is about to collapse, taking most of its inhabitants with it when it comes crashing down.

And yes, we sure as hell have our own problems here in the EU and we are far from perfect. We realize that and we also have critique on our own system and our leaders.

And no, I don’t think you decide with your vagina. I also don’t think it is wise to decide based on whether you’d love to hang out with a glass of wine with someone. There are loads of people I love to hang out with while at the same time I’d be dreaded to see them be elected for president of any country.

Just throwing in a perspective.

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