Poverty and suffering are not man-made. Animals starve, suffer and kill each other all the time.
Claus Appel

It depends on your definition of poverty. If we limit it to monetary poverty then it is the result of the human construct of money. I have never seen an animal begging on the street for money. So that kind of poverty is by definition man made. Poverty that is caused by a lack of resources while those resources are available is also man made when we deny the people that need those resources access to them.

Not all suffering is man made, that is true. Sometimes it’s just bad luck. But a lot of it is a consequence of inaction or a lack of care.And inaction is just as effective as causing suffering deliberatively.

On top of that, we are the only animal on the planet that is consciously aware of the consequences of our actions. The mere fact that we create systems that have total disregard of human well being puts the ball right in our camp. We create society and we have created a society that is disfunctional and caters more to numbers on balance sheets than actual well being of humans. We have the power to change that and if we don’t then all the shit that comes from it is created by us.

Your comparison with animals makes no sense. They act on instinct and are not as aware as we are about the consequences of their actions. A hungry animal in Africa does not know there is an abundance of food in Europe. We do. And a lot of the animal suffering is again caused by us through the destruction of habitats and the atrocious ways we treat animals that are used in the food industry.

So yes, I would agree that not all poverty and suffering is man made but we’re definitely majority shareholders in the making of it.

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