Robots have been about to take all the jobs for more than 200 years
Louis Anslow

Yes, I am pretty sure that things are different this time around. Up till now all automatisation has been ‘dumb’. Meaning that the machine could not adapt to new circumstances and new jobs have been created to then re-configure the machines to these new circumstances. But we are now heading for a type of automatisation where the machine adapts to the new circumstances by itself, without human intervention. The only thing it needs is loads of data. This data is provided in higher and higher quantities and this will increase even more with the Internet of Things. So yes, more jobs will be lost.

I read a lot of ‘fear of losing jobs’ in the comments. But we are asking the wrong questions. It’s not: can we create enough new jobs? It’s: do we need to keep everyone employed in order to have a functioning society? The answer to that question is: no. We can of course create bullshit jobs to keep people busy but that would just be stupid. We will need to restructure society around the fact that we won’t all be working full time though. And that needs a new kind of political thinking and a will to act accordingly.

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