P K, “Japan Earthquake” (2011)

Earthquake Dream, 2014

I had a dream that Brooklyn rent in two. 
The fault line grew near DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights
and sprinted east through Bed-Stuy, half to sea. 
Water poured forth from earth as the line ran; 
eventually, a scar-like channel formed.

Because I lived in Bushwick, near the split,
I counted myself lucky, among those 
who had some time to choose from north and south;
who had some time to think of lovers’ beds,
or else their kids at home with milky breaths
and nearby parks where they could walk their dogs.

At first, I headed north, heels turned perhaps 
from well-worn grooves, a creature of new ways,
or wanting to preserve, at all costs, a way
out — but then I woke near Prospect Park.

In sleep my mind had made other choices.

Stef Orzech lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.

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