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MUNA & Liam Gallagher

As of recently I have discovered a new band and a new song and life is just pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Jamming out to not one but two new favorite songs while driving down to the shore with my windows down, sun shining and an iced green tea latte in my hand is the way I want to spend the rest of my life; no worries, singing my little heart out.

So what are the two new songs I’ve been absolutely loving these past few weeks you may ask? Well, one is from a new band I’ve recently found out about and their name is MUNA, a three piece girl band based in Los Angeles. The awesome and unique thing about this band is that they all identify as queer and use that to help inspire young fans to be comfortable with their identities.

The groups sound is described as being dark electronic pop with its funky instrumental and electric debut album, About U, which was recently released in early February of this year. As there are many catchy amazing songs on the album, I fully fell in love with I Know A Place, a catchy tune that allows me to let loose and be brought to another world. You would definitely find me dancing around in the car or at home to this song.

The beat of the song is a combination of drums, bass and guitars mixed with an electronic melody. The lead singers voice, Katie Gavin, reminds me of a mix of Cher and Katy Perry’s voices if a person were to ever mix their voices, it would definitely sound like hers. Her voice isn’t as low as Cher’s but in certain songs, her deep voice is very prominent. Their edgy style is the cherry on top of an amazing band and pulls it all together.

Since finding out about the band, they have been asked to join Harry Styles on his upcoming tour as his support act!

Liam Gallagher, who finally and recently released his first solo song after years of saying he would never go solo after the final split of Oasis. Gallagher is 1/2 of the mastermind of the famous British band Oasis, with popular songs such as Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger. His other half, Noel Gallagher, his older brother have not been on good terms since the final split of the band.

Wall Of Glass, his first solo single released at the end of May this year, has brought many Oasis fans nostalgia. The sound is so similar to many of the bands songs with its rock melody and chill tune. The song starts off with beat of drums and the prominent sound of an electric guitar. As many know from Oasis albums, Liam’s voice is very unique and in today’s music world, uniqueness makes you big, even though he’s fucking Liam Gallagher he doesn’t need to get any bigger.

I was completely drawn to the song when Liam performed it live at Ariana Grande’s tribute and charity concert ‘One Love Manchester’ for the victims of the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena back in mid May. I immediately downloaded the song and it has been on repeat ever since! Since then, Liam has released the artwork for his upcoming album which will be released in early October and also released 9 North American tour dates for November of this year!

These two songs are completely different but are both extremely catchy, which is perfect for the summer time! Give these songs a listen, and definitely listen to MUNA’s album About U because it’s a total jam!

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Liam Gallagher:



Live ‘One Love Manchester’ Performance

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