James Bay Concert

On Friday November 13th (Friday the 13th, eep!) my friends and I took the trip to Philadelphia to see the one and only James Bay. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Bay (like, what? Are you living under a rock?) his hit single, Hold Back The River, is currently playing on most radio stations around the world. If you still don’t know who he is or haven’t heard his music (which, huh?) he is a long haired, fedora wearing, British God who’s face is featured on the new Burberry campaign, so I’m pretty sure you’ve seen him around.

left to right: James Bay, Romeo Beckham for Burberry

The concert was held at The Fillmore and the venue absolutely took my breath away. The two-story open concept warehouse was the perfect setting for a James Bay concert! The exposed brick and metal beams gave the overall atmosphere of the night a very chilled out vibe, which suits Bay’s music perfectly. I would definitely take the hour and a half drive to see all of my concerts there.

Because James only has one released album at the moment, the setlist was pretty short, but on the plus side he was able to sing every song off of it! His album, Chaos And The Calm features 12 songs, including hit singles Hold Back The River and Let It Go.

With general admission concerts, sometimes I worry about getting there early to make sure I can get a good spot or trying to avoid the annoyance of young teenage girls pushing you every two seconds for a better view. This was different though. The crowd consisted of an even mix of men and women all around the age of 20 and older. It turned out to be an extremely relaxing and enjoyable night.

Halfway through his setlist, James paused to shed light on the horrible tragedy in Paris that had happened just earlier in the day. He had a moment of silence and dedicated his next song, Move Together, to the French. It was a very touching and mournful moment.

Towards the end of the night, James graced us with his Alicia Keys cover of If I Ain’t Got You and it was absolutely unbelievable. He definitely added the Bay spice, which included lots of guitar solos and the great indie touch he possesses.

Overall, it was an amazing concert and James did a wonderful job performing. He was able to show his emotion with every song through the way he performed and it was truly magical. If you ever get a chance to see him live, take it because you wont regret it, I promise!




All the love…