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Fa L’Italiano

This week, I wasn’t particularly listening to one artist, band, or song. As a matter of fact I found myself listening to a whole genre: Italian music. Ranging from old school classic to newer pop and rap, this week’s post is going to be a bit different.

With Spotify, I am graced with millions upon millions of songs, artists, bands, and genres that make creating playlists simple. Being a first generation Italian, having immigrant parents, and growing up in a very Italian household, Italian music was always played.

My family’s yearly road trip to Florida has been a huge part of what Italian music I choose to listen to. My father was in charge of the radio everytime we embarked on our 18+ hour journey to Florida. He played the same 2 CDs for the entire trip: Gigi D’Alessio and Pino Daniele. I’ve listened to these artists so much over the past years that I could most likely sing these songs in my sleep.

In our early experiences of driving to Florida, I was only 8 years old and iPods weren’t invented yet. Sure we had portable CD players, but after a while, Hilary Duff got a bit boring so I had no choice but to listen to my Dad’s music.

My Spotify playlist, that has brought back nostalgic memories, includes Italian songs I’ve come to love on my own over the years, as well as Gigi D’Alessio which actually holds a larger percentage of the playlist. Listening to the playlist on my commute to and from work brings such a positive energy that makes me feel proud of who I am.

My favorites on the playlist range from the incredibly notorious Andrea Bocelli (I have no doubt I’ve been listening to his tracks since I was in the womb) to young, current Neapolitan rappers like Rocco Hunt.

Indietro by Tiziano Ferro, Per Dimenticare by Zero Assoluto and Un Colpo all’Anima by Ligabue are my ultimate favorite tracks on the playlist. Whether it has something to do with me discovering these songs on my own or being able to sing every single lyric with an amazing Italian accent, either way they are incredible. They are also a sibling favorite and whenever I play them my 3 younger siblings sing along with me.

Other legends like Claudio Baglioni, Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini are also featured on my playlist alongside well-known classic love songs like O Sole Mio, L’Italiano, Tornero, Sara Perche Ti Amo and Ti Amo.

Newer artists like Malika Ayane, Fabri Fibra, Andrea Faustini and Emis Killa are also included on the playlist. Their songs have a uptempo modern vibe that will turn any one, who may not understand Italian, fall in love with their music. Fabri Fibra, like Rocco Hunt, are both Italian rappers while Andrea Faustini reminds me of a young ambitious Tiziano Ferro with his pop love songs.

With over 50 songs, this playlist is still growing. My 15-year-old cousin recently showed me a song, Lo Ti Aspetto by Marco Mengoni, that he learned in his Italian class and I ended up loving it so much I had to add it. It’s definitely a playlist that any Italian can be proud of and will be able to change someone’s mood or get a party started.


Tutto l’amore …


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